Zoo Vets

Twycross Zoo Veterinary Team

Twycross Zoo’s dedicated team of vets are responsible for making sure that each of our animals are healthy, happy, and getting the right medication and treatment they might need.

They carry out regular health checks on all of our animals, from the tiniest marmoset to our Asian elephants and everything in between!

In 2013 we opened the Twycross Zoo Veterinary Centre, a project funded by the University of Nottingham to provide high quality veterinary facilities for our vet team. An improvement on the former zoo vet facilities, the centre now provides dedicated clinical areas for diagnostic purposes, including: radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy, with separate recovery space for the animals.

Vets OperatingA typical day for our team of vets involves a team briefing every morning to catch up on any developments with our animals and plan what needs to be done that day. Then the team will start their rounds, going around the zoo and checking the progress of animals that are on medication, and reviewing any new cases.

Twice a week the team have clinic days, where any medical procedures, such as administering anaesthetics for health checks, can be planned. It is important to plan these procedures carefully to make sure that all eventualities are prepared for, and there is as little stress to the animal as possible.

Our vet team work closely with our animal team to make sure that necessary medical procedures are as stress free as possible. This can include training our chimps to present their arm for injections, or getting our spider monkey used to having their heart scanned.

We also teach vet students all year round from the University of Nottingham, and from other universities both in the UK and abroad.


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