One day workshop with Steve Martin

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We are very happy to announce that, Steve Martin of Natural Encounters, Inc. will be hosting a pre conference workshop on the 12th June 2016. This workshop is a one day event costing £85. To register please complete the forms and return to

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Raising the Bar: Contemporary Animal Training

Specially designed for all levels of animal care professionals, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn contemporary animal training technology from two necessary and compatible perspectives — the natural science of behavior change and the ethical principle, “least intrusive alternative.” The workshop will focus on two main goals: 1) how to train new behaviors, strengthen existing behaviors, and replace problem behaviors using positive reinforcement; 2) how to establish motivation through the use of trust accounts, empowerment, reinforcer management (including diet and weight management and alternatives), environmental set up, and clear cues. Hands-on exercises will provide practice (shaping and behavior problem solving) and a great opportunity to network with friends and colleagues in a safe learning environment.


Steve Martin began his professional animal training career when he set up the first of its kind, free-flight bird show at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in 1976. The show gained world acclaim for its unique ability to combine the entertainment of birds performing natural behaviors with inspirational conservation messages.

In 1984 Steve Martin began teaching animal keepers the art and science of behavior change to enhance the husbandry, enrichment, and behavioral management of exhibit animals. He has now served as an animal behavior and visitor experience consultant for about 100 zoological facilities in over 20 countries. Steve is an instructor at the AZA Animal Training School, an instructor at the Elephant Management School in Hamburg Germany, a Trustee with the World Parrot Trust, and President of both Natural Encounters, Inc. (NEI) and Natural Encounters Conservation Fund, Inc. (NECF) a company dedicated to raising money for conservation programs. NECF has now raised and donated well over one million dollars to in situ conservation programs around the world.

Steve Martin has a strong commitment to conservation and helping people understand their relationship with the living earth. The Mission Statement of NEI is “Connecting Humans With The Natural World” and Earth Day is an official holiday for all NEI employees.

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Opening Times: 10am - 6pm