Crowned guenon

Crowned guenons are Old World monkeys, a term describing monkeys from Africa and Asia. They have dark backs with yellow fur on the front and under the legs. Crowned guenons have a distinctive white and black pattern on their foreheads and tufted ears.

Crowned guenons are different to other guenon species because the northern crowned guenon populations will migrate to take advantage of seasonal food sources. This gives them better access to the ripe fruit they prefer to eat.

This species lives in groups of 8-20 individuals led by a dominant male who is the only breeding male in the group. The other members of the group will be females and their immature offspring. This social structure means that most male crowned guenons cannot live in a social group. This solitary lifestyle seems to encourage males to form associations with other species such as black colobus monkeys (Colobus satanus).

The crowned guenon diet is mainly fruit, but they will eat other plant material and insects when there is little ripe fruit available.

Habitat loss is the main threat facing this species, with forest being converted to farmland and human settlements in addition to logging for timber. Crowned guenons are also hunted for meat throughout their range. Despite this they are still widespread in parts of their range, though in other areas they are now rare, and the IUCN classify them as Least Concern.

  • Crowned Guenon
  • Crowned Guenon
  • Crowned guenon
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