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Yellow-Shouldered Amazon

Scientific Name: Amazona Barbadensis

Yellow-shouldered amazons are members of the true parrot family from South America. They have a very restricted range, occupying only shrubland habitat in north Venezuela. Yellow-shouldered amazons are mostly green. They are named for the yellow feathers on their shoulders, but also have a yellow face.

The breeding season for the yellow-shouldered amazon is between March and May. Nests are built in tree or cactus holes, and sometimes in cliff crevices. After hatching, the chicks remain in the nest for between 50 and 60 days before fledging.

Yellow-shouldered amazons eat the fruit, seeds and flowers of a huge range of shrubland plants, including cacti.

The IUCN classify the yellow-shouldered amazon as Vulnerable because of its small range and declining population numbers. The main threats are trapping wild birds for the pet trade, habitat destruction and hunting.

Yellow-shouldered amazons are popular pets in Venezuela and most are caught to sell locally. Habitat destruction for tourist services, agriculture, mining and charcoal production are limiting roosting and breeding sites.

Key Facts:

  • Conservation Status: Vulnerable
  • Distribution: Venezuela
  • Habitat: Desert and arid grasslands
  • Diet: Flowers, Fruit, Seeds
  • Weight: 300g
  • No. of young: 2 – 5