Baby Howler Born at Twycross Zoo!

Twycross Zoo, is pleased to announce the birth of a black and gold howler monkey, the world’s loudest primate!


This latest announcement follows a string of births for Twycross Zoo, including a baby western lowland gorilla, baby bonobo and newborn crowned lemur. Twelve week old Donatello was born on 4th February 2013 to parents Lottie (mum) and Rafael (dad) and the tiny tot is getting on great!


Tony Dobbs, Section Head of Primates, said: “Mum and baby are doing really well with the whole family showing a keen interest in the youngster.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Donatello is the latest addition to Twycross Zoo’s large family group of Howlers consisting of mum and dad and four previous offspring, three boys and a girl. Fernando, only just a year old himself, is very keen to start playing with his little brother despite the fact that little Donatello hasn’t even started to properly venture off his mother yet.”



Howler monkeys get their name from their incredibly loud and distinctive call that can be heard up to three miles away. They are considered to be one of the loudest animals known and the males actually have special throat sacks to allow them to call so loudly.

Tony said: “Although Donatello is a little boy, as with all Howler Monkeys, he has been born with the same blonde hair that is found on the females. As he reaches maturity at around five or six years old he will gradually become dark haired just like his dad.”



Black and gold howler monkeys are classified ‘least concern’ on the IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species. This species is threatened by habitat loss due to agricultural development for soy and cattle ranching in the Brazilian cerrado, soy in the Bolivian Chiquitano, and small-scale farms and cattle ranching in Argentina.


Sharon Redrobe, Zoological Director, added: “Twycross Zoo has been hugely successful at breeding this species of primate, with animals raised at the zoo now found in breeding groups in a number of other collections worldwide.”


Donatello is Lottie’s eighth baby and visitors can see him in the howler monkey exhibit at Twycross Zoo.



Opening Times: 10am - 5pm