Conservation Welfare Talk – Protecting Madagascar’s Lemurs



Dr Christoph Schwitzer, Director of Conservation at Bristol Zoo Gardens and Secretary of the Lemur Conservation Association (AEECL), is a world-leading lemur expert. We are very excited that he is visiting Twycross Zoo to talk about the important work of AEECL in Madagascar to protect the lemurs and their habitat.

The Lemur Conservation Association is a partnership between zoos and universities across Europe to work together in research and conservation projects for the lemurs in Madagascar. Lemurs only occur on this island off the coast of Southeast Africa and many species of lemurs are highly endangered due to hunting and deforestation. In 2007 AEECL has, together with the Malagasy government, achieved the creation of the Sahamalaza National park in the north of Madagascar. This was an important step towards lemur protection, especially for the blue-eyed black lemur, one of Madagascar’s rarest lemur species. The Park is also home to other lemurs and many additional animal and plant species. Furthermore, AEECL works closely with the local communities to increase awareness of the environment and the need for its conservation. For more information about the Lemur Conservation Association visit their website

Twycross Zoo has been supporting AEECL since 2006 and is taking part in captive breeding programmes for all the five lemur species the zoo holds.

Join us for the talk at 7:00pm on the 25th May in Windows on The Wild in our Himalaya Visitor Centre. It is £3 for members and £5 for non-members, which includes light refreshments. To book please contact our Guest Services Team on 0844 474 1777

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm