Awely – Greencaps in the Congo

AwelyEstablished in 2005 in France, Awely has always focused on putting people at the centre of their actions. Their ethos is that there is no sense in saving an endangered species or ecosystems when the neighbouring human populations lack even the most rudimentary means for survival. By linking conservation and development Awely hope to ensure that history does not keep repeating itself and the actions of today are destroyed tomorrow.

Awely has two main types of project out in the field: red-caps and green-caps. The red cap projects centre on resolving human-wildlife conflict whilst the green caps focus on species survival. Twycross specifically funds the Green caps in the Congo project.

The Congo project is specifically targeted at assessing the bushmeat trade in Basankusu and the surrounding area, a known area of bonobo habitat. The programme focuses on educating people to hopefully decrease the pressure on bonobos and other species as well as developing alternative food sources.

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Opening Times: 10am - 5pm