Wildlife Vets International for Amur Leopards in the Russian Far East

The Amur leopard is the rarest felid in the world, with wild numbers at only 70 individuals (2016). These magnificent cats suffer from poaching, the pressures of habitat destruction and lack of prey due to over hunting. They are at real risk from extinction in the wild and Twycross Zoo is contributing to their conservation.

Wildlife Vets International are experts in exotic animal veterinary care and so are well placed to play a vital role in this very important project. They are currently working in the Russian Far East to establish a reintroduction programme. If this succeeds the offspring of Amur Leopards currently in captivity could be released in the wild. This will be the first big cat reintroduction programme to use captive bred individuals to build the wild population.

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Opening Times: 10am - 6pm