If you’ve had a great ape death in your collection


The pathophysiology of great ape heart disease, which is often characterised by myocardial fibrosis, is not fully understood.

We aim to standardise post-mortem examination of the heart in great apes, and to further understand the pathological processes involved.

Following the death of a great ape (cardiac cause or otherwise), we request that you please;

–          Inform us via email heartproject@twycrosszoo.org

–          Ensure a post-mortem examination is conducted as soon as possible

–          Examine and sample the heart as per the protocol

To download a copy of the protocol and sample submission form click here.

For information about sending samples to us, click here.


Contact us

For further support or any questions, please email us at heartproject@twycrosszoo.org

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm