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Clubs and Activities

Twycross Zoo Kids Clubs

Opportunities for young people to get more involved with Twycross Zoo

These activities run at weekends and during school holidays and provide a great way for your young people to find out about the Zoo in general, our animals and our work. 


Conservation Club – Weekend Activity Group

8 – 12 year olds

All things animals, wildlife and the environment.

Through fun and engaging activities, such as cleaning out enclosures, making enrichment for the animals, trails, crafts and more, participants will gain more of an understanding of why animals are endangered and how we can all help to protect them.

Find out more about Tywcross Zoo Conservation Club


Zoo Club – Half Term and School Holidays

8 – 14 year olds

Engaging and exciting activities themed around animals, wildlife, nature and zoos.

Various activities including arts and crafts, making enrichment (toys) for our animals, giving heath checks to some of our friendlier animals, and/or cryptic trails around the zoo!

Find out more about Zoo Club at Twycross Zoo


Zoo Rangers – Saturday Afternoons

13 – 17 year olds 

Fun and engaging activities which give children a clearer understanding of the role of a zoo and how they can help to conserve and protect our amazing animals.

They get involved in a range of topics including: animal enrichment, vet practices, research, conservation, native species, education and more…

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Zooniversity – Summer Holiday Club

15 – 18 year olds

It’s not just keepers that work at the zoo! Join the discovery team for the week to try out different zoo careers.

Have you dreamt about working with animals?

Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes at Twycross Zoo?

If this sounds like you then come along to Twycross Zoo’s ‘Zooniversity’ and find out more about careers with wildlife through a week of fun activities such as cleaning out enclosures, conducting research, designing animal enclosures and much more.

Find out more > Twycross Zoo – Zooniversity

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