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Charity Heart

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity (number 501841) which exists to support conservation, education and research.

Prices, payments and more!

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Booking Your School Visit

Visit Twycross Zoo for an experience your pupils will never forget! Treat the children to a day away from school that promises to be not only be exciting, but packed full of new things to see and learn about some of the fantastic animals that share our planet.

To book a school trip or to enquire further about what we can offer your school please call us on 01827 883140 or email

It’s not just the price that makes us the ideal place for a school trip – there have never been more reasons to visit Twycross Zoo.

Pre-visit Information

We know that you want every detail of your visit planned before you get here. We know that you’ll want to see where the children will get off the coach, make sure you see the animals you have been talking about in school, see where the toilets are, find out where is best to eat lunch and everything else that will make your day great!

We offer free pre-visits to teachers so that all the planning can be done in advance and you can relax and enjoy the visit with your pupils.

As well as visiting the site, if you have booked an educational session a member of our Discovery Team will be happy to meet you and talk over what is involved and what resources are available.

Prices and Payments

We have a number of packages and offers available to school groups that are suitable for all ages.

Why not enhance your day with educational sessions? Our sessions are all curriculum linked, cost only £45 for a class of 30 (20 for pre-schoolers) and include great resources for you to use on your trip and when you get back to school. Follow the buttons below for your age group to see what’s available.

Off-Peak Rates from 1st September 2019 – 12th April 2020

  • Pre-school/nursery – £6.50 per student
  • Primary – £9.00 per student
  • Secondary – £10.00 per student
  • HE and FE (post 16 years) – £11.00 per student
  • Additional staff/adults – £11.50 each
  • EYFS KS4 sessions – £45.00 each
  • KS5 sessions – £85 (1 session at £45 and 1 at £40 as they are all 2 part workshops)

Peak Rates from 13th April 2020 – 31st August 2020

  • Pre-school/nursery – £7.00 per student
  • Primary – £9.50 per student
  • Secondary – £10.50 per student
  • HE and FE (post 16 years) – £11.50 per student
  • Additional staff/adults – £12.00 each
  • EYFS – KS4 sessions – £50.00 each
  • KS5 sessions – £95 (1 session at £50 and 1 at £45 as they are all 2 part workshops)

We offer complimentary admission for accompanying teachers/adults according to the following ratios:

  • Pre-school/nursery groups – one teacher/adult free for every 5 pupils
  • Primary school (infant and junior) – one teacher/adult free for every 7 pupils
  • Secondary school/FE/HE groups – one teacher/adult free for every 10 pupils

Why not make your visit to us as low maintenance as possible?

  • Stationery sets available from £3 per pupil (contents vary dependent on age)
  • Sick of carrying packed lunches around until lunchtime? Order your lunches in advance from our catering team. Prices start from only £4.50 per primary pupil and £5.50 per secondary pupil and adult

Health and Safety

We have been holders of the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge for a number of years now, which enables us to be instantly recognised and trusted by schools and Local Education Authorities as providing high quality learning experiences in a safe environment.

One of the ‘quality indicators’ we had to meet to receive the award was ‘managing risk effectively’.

We know that you will need to carry out a Risk Assessment before taking pupils on a trip so to make things easier for you we have put together Health and Safety information for you to use when completing your assessment. You can be assured that Twycross Zoo is a safe learning environment.

To make sure that our environment stays safe for everyone we ask that all pupils and students are effectively supervised. Please use your free adult ratios included in your ticket prices to make sure that supervision levels are appropriate for your groups.

Of course, as well as our visitors we have the welfare of our animal collection to look after too!  All our animals are on carefully prepared and balanced diets so please remind your students not to feed them as it could lead to the animals becoming ill.

Eating and Drinking

Carrying packed lunches around the Zoo can be a bug bear for many. Unfortunately we cannot offer to store your lunches, there would be simply too many! However, our excellent catering team do offer a special price on packed lunches for school groups from just £5.50 (price increases with age) – that way you simply collect them when you are ready!

We have lots of lovely picnic areas around the zoo. There are nice large lawns behind Lorikeet Landing and near Wet ‘n’ Wild. For rainy days we have an indoor picnic area near to the orang utans. This is on a first come first served basis. In addition there are a number of pagodas around the site, which can provide excellent shelter. These are located around the zebra paddock and near rhinos and giraffes.

Gift Shop

Pre-order stationery sets for your class to take home with them. These are available from just £3 per student and can be delivered to you just before you get on your coach – easy peasy!

Terms and Conditions

We want you to have a great day out with us so please have a read through our terms and conditions below.

Before you arrive

  • Please make sure that we have a named contact and mobile telephone number for an adult in your group. Sometimes it is necessary to get hold of you during your visit.
  • Please make all the students and supervising adults in your party aware of these conditions.


  • On arrival at the coach park you will be welcomed by a member of our Guest Services Team. In order to assist you entering the zoo in a timely manner we ask that you remain on the coach so that the team can confirm the numbers in your party and complete the relevant paperwork.
  • Our Guest Services team will provide additional maps if you require them.
  • May to July is our busiest time of the year for school parties and you may experience a short delay in gaining entrance to the zoo. It’s a good idea to factor this in if you’ve booked educational sessions.

During Your Visit

Please make sure that your supervision ratios are suitable for your party and that you supervise your party throughout your visit. We recognise that older children need their own freedom to roam but please note that it is the Group Leader’s responsibility to ensure effective supervision and behaviour of all students at all times whilst in the zoo. Please make sure we have your phone number.

Our Retail teams may ask for large parties of students to enter retail outlets in smaller groups.

We make a lot of effort to ensure that our site is safe and enjoyable for everyone. As such any instances of disruptive behaviour will be immediately reported to our Management Team. In some circumstances this can lead to whole school groups being asked to leave the zoo premises. We will also report poor behaviour to head teachers and reserve the right to refuse future admission to schools who have behaved badly.

All our animals are on carefully prepared and balanced diets. Please advise your students not to attempt to feed any of our animals. If they do so, this may lead to your students being asked to leave the site and to our animals becoming ill.

At quieter times of year, there may be fewer retail and catering opportunities on site. Please check with your welcome party which services are open, they are also displayed on a board at the entrance.

Contact us

If you need any help please get in touch: 01827 883 140 or email