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Charity Heart

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity (number 501841) which exists to support conservation, education and research.

Key Stage Five

Learning at Twycross is unique. Students connect to animals in a truly unique way. By having the chance to get up close to real life examples of the natural world your students will be part of a unique learning experience.

The result will be greater knowledge retention and a greater enthusiasm for your subject.

There are a range of subjects suitable for a range of syllabi from the sciences to qualifications in animal care or leisure and tourism.

Please call or email if you would like advice on the most suitable session for your learners: 01827 883 140 or email

To get the most out of your visit we recommend that you have a workshop linked with your learning objectives. These are delivered as a 1 hour session in the morning followed by a 1 hour feedback session in the afternoon.

Resources are also provided to enable students to complete an activity on site, which we will set for them.

Animal Behaviour and Communication

This workshop covers an introduction to animal behaviour including innate and learned behaviour, communication, social behaviour and reproductive behaviour. We provide examples from the zoo and the students will be asked to conduct a behaviour study between the two parts of the workshop.

Biodiversity and Conservation

We will discuss what biodiversity is and why it is important and think about the threats that animals are currently facing in the wild. There will be examples of in situ conservation projects we support and discuss our role in ex-situ conservation through breeding programmes. A task will be set focussing on endangered species in the zoo and possible conservation actions to help them using IUCN classification tables.

Evolution and Selection (1 hour session)

Students will learn about different types of selection. We look at evidence for natural selection, different ways characteristics can evolve and how speciation can occur. We will also consider the importance of sexual selection working alongside natural selection.

Animal Welfare, Enrichment and Training

Considers the role of a modern zoo and the reasons we need to provide high standards of welfare. We think about how we provide high quality care for our animals through, enrichment, training, enclosure design and general zoo safety. The students will be set a task between the two parts of the workshop to look at enclosures around the zoo and identify pros and cons for the animals, keepers and general public.

Business, Marketing and Customer Service

In this workshop we cover the role of a modern zoo, who our visitors are and what they want from a trip to the zoo. We also consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business and how we market it effectively. Finally, we discuss the importance of good customer service, and how we ensure we provide this. The students will be set a task between the two parts of the workshop to do a SWOT analysis, present a business case and think about how to market their idea.

Career Days

Twycross Zoo career days give participants a taste of a zoo career along with important background information for the field. Select from: Zoo Keeper, Veterinary Practice, Zoologist, Conservationist

What some of our visiting teachers have said about our workshops:

  • “A must for any teacher wanting their zoo trip to have a real education focus”
  • “Was well linked to the specification and activity really got the message across”
  • “Excellent content and learning task, really made the visit for us”
  • “Excellent as always, I now build this visit into my scheme of work each year”

What’s On

Animal Experiences

Would you like to get even closer to some of the animals at Twycross Zoo? With our range of animal experiences, you can make a great day out even more memorable. Why not give one as a gift?

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Adopt an Animal

An Animal Adoption is the perfect gift for all animal lovers. Each adoption helps support Twycross Zoo’s conservation work worldwide, as well as help care for our animals at the zoo.

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