Apes & Grapes; Conservation Talks and Wine Tasting Evening

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‘Apes & Grapes’ Conservation Talks & Wine Tasting Evening

Join us to celebrate ape conservation; meet our conservation partners working in ape endangered  countries, raise a glass to wildlife and enjoy a relaxing stroll around the Zoo.

  • Dates: Saturday 15th July 2017
  • Times: 5pm – 8.30pm
  • Parking: Free
  • Ages: 18+ photo ID will be required
  • Entry price: £18 non-members, £14 members, £10 designated driver tickets.
    • Your ticket includes…
      • Zoo admission
      • Five wine-tasting tickets, also ‘grazing snacks’ at each kiosk, plus conservation talks.
      • Guest speaker talks from our conservation partners and keepers.
      • Designated Driver tickets include soft drinks.
  • Booking: tickets must be booked in advance; 01827 883 140
  • Restaurant: in addition to the above, The View Restaurant will be open serving a two course, specially prepared menu, see below for details…
  • Conservation Talks; see below for timetable


Speaker talks and activities…

Twycross Zoo will be joined by world renowned ape conservationists to share their vast experience in the field all around the world.

Working to preserve endangered species requires a multi-level approach, and here at Twycross Zoo we work hard both in the zoo, and abroad ,to support our conservation partner’s to help save endangered species and their habitats.

You can hear about the crisis apes face every day and how they fight for their survival both in the wild and in human care.

The speakers will also share their fascinating stories about challenges and successes.

At the end of each talk, one of our Zoo Keepers will also be available, along with the speaker, to answer any questions you have.


4.30pm onwards

The View Restaurant will be offering specially prepared evening meal – see below for more details.

5pm Zoo opens for event

5.30pm and 7pm: Orangutan Talk

Twycross Zoo Guest for Apes & Grapes Simon Husson - Borneo Nature Foundation, pic by Bernat Ripoll_BNF 2017Simon Husson; representing orangutans and Borneo Nature Foundation

About the talk: Simon will give us a better understanding how many dangers orangutans have to face, especially regarding the loss of their habitat and conflicts around land use.

About the speaker: Simon is a leading expert in orangutan ecology, survey techniques and rehabilitation and reintroduction, and is involved in orangutan conservation both nationally and globally.

His research has focused extensively on the application of nest-survey methods for accurately estimating orangutan density and Simon is regarded as a leading expert in this field.

As well as undertaking research, Simon is heavily involved with habitat management and restoration activities; collaborating with other scientists to better understand orangutan distribution and factors affecting their density and developing strategic conservation management plans to protect priority populations.

Find out more about Borneo Nature Foundation (orang) > www.borneonaturefoundation.org


5.45pm and 7.15pm: Gibbon Talk

Twycross Zoo Conservation Partner and Guest for Apes and Grapes Josh Kempinski photos (1)Josh Kempinski; representing gibbons and Fauna and Flora International

About the talk: Josh is going to share his thoughts on gibbon and forest conservation in Vietnam, a crucial country to preserve some of the most endangered animals of the world. He will also give an insight into local community engagement and the importance to work together with local people to help nature conservation.

About the speaker: Josh is a conservationist focusing on species conservation and protected area management, but he was also involved in ecosystem based climate change adaptation and (forest-based) mitigation.

He is currently the country director of Fauna and Flora International’s Vietnam program.

He is involved in forest and primate conservation, including the Cao vit gibbon, one of the most endangered primates in the world.

Find out more about Fauna and Flora International (gibbon project) > http://www.fauna-flora.org/


6pm & 7.30pm: Chimpanzee Talk

Twycross Zoo Conservation Partner and Guest for Apes and Grapes - Rachel Hogan Ape Action AfricaRachel Hogan; representing chimpanzee and gorilla conservation and Ape Action Africa.

About the talk: Rachel will give a first-hand insight into the beauty and difficulty of rescue and rehabilitation of apes and primates in Central and Western Africa, as well as the bush meat and illegal wild animal trade crises.

About the speaker: Rachel is a British primate conservationist, living and working in Cameroon, and director of the charity Ape Action Africa.

She is well known for her work in the rescue and rehabilitation of gorillas and chimpanzees, as well as fighting the illegal bush meat trade.

She and her team have transformed Ape Action Africa in Mefou into one of the largest, most well-known primate conservation charities in Africa.

They currently take care of about 110 chimpanzees, more than 20 gorillas and about 150 other primates.

Find out more about Ape Action Africa > www.apeactionafrica.org


6.30pm and 8pm: Bonobo Talk

Twycross Zoo Guest for Apes & Grapes - Zanna Clay - Lola ya BonoboDr Zanna Clay; representing bonobo conservation and Lola ya bonobo

About the talk: Zanna will share her vast experience with bonobos, one of the lesser known great apes only living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Central Africa.  She is going to talk about the fantastic work of Lola ya bonobo, the only bonobo sanctuary of the world as well.

 About the speaker: Zanna is a primatologist and psychologist studying the evolution of communication and empathy in great apes.

Dr. Clay is a specialist in bonobo behaviour and communication, having studied them using observational and experimental techniques in both captivity and the wild.

She works very closely with Lola ya Bonobo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa.

Find out more > http://lolayabonobo.org/


5pm – 8.30pm: Amazing Artefacts


Come and find out more about our animals with our Education Rangers.

They will show you various artefacts; ape skulls, ape anatomy, and talk about poaching, the fur trade and traditional medicines that effect the animals in the wild.


8.30pm: Event finishes

8.30pm: Last sitting in The View restaurant

9pm: Zoo closes


Special Evening Menu, in The View restaurant

From 4.30pm onwards

In addition to the Apes and Grapes wine tasting and zoo entry ticket, you can also enjoy our specially prepared evening menu for this event, for just £12.50 per head, in The View Restaurant, in the Himalaya building…

A starter trio of…

  • Spiced tortilla chips, with  coriander salsa & lime pickle
  • Honey & Sesame Seed Bangers
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings

A choice of main courses…

  • Fish Finger Sandwich; Chunky tartare, crispy chips & dipping peas.
  • Jungle Curry; Thai chicken curry, coconut sticky rice & mini poppadoms.
  • Main Course Salads; Chargrilled Chicken with Caesar dressing, thyme & parmesan croutons. Or – Kale with roasted beets, with chickpeas, lentils, crumbled feta & toasted walnuts.
  • Pizzas; Classic Margherita with cow’s milk mozzarella, tomato sauce, pesto & torn fresh basil leaves. Or Spicy Meat Feast: Chorizo, sliced salami, pepperoni, fire roasted peppers, sliced chillies & spinach. Or BBQ Chicken: In house BBQ chicken, sticky onions, vine roasted tomatoes & rocket.

You can also walk-in on the evening, but we expect this to be very popular, so do advise booking ahead, please call: 01827 883 161


Supporting  conservation and preserving endangered species

There are some amazing people working hard, in often difficult and challenging situations, to help conserve animal species, and the habitats that animals and people depend on.

Successful conservation initiatives are long-term projects that rely on support from zoos like Twycross Zoo.

Twycross Zoo supports several conservation field projects, including those for bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and gibbons.

These vital field activities can help to ensure we can preserve these amazing animals for the future.

Join us, and learn more about Twycross Zoo’s ape conservation and other projects we’re involved in, at our Apes an Grapes Conservation Talk and Wine Tasting and Evening – by doing so you will help us, to help ape conservation, as you do with every single zoo visit.


Please note

All attendees must be 18 or older; photo ID will be required.

Additional wine will be available to purchase, by the glass at select locations around the Zoo.

You will also have the opportunity to buy your favourite wine by the bottle at the end of your evening.

Designated Driver ticket holders are not permitted to consume alcohol at the event.


Book your tickets today…

All tickets must be booked in advance, we cannot accept walk-ins on the day. Please book in advance, as we think this will be a very popular event; call: 01827 883 140

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