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Twycross Zoo Conservation Talk

We’re delighted to welcome Andrea Dempsey MSc from WAPCA – West African Primate Conservation Action.

She will be discussing ‘Safeguarding the future of Critically Endangered primates through sustainable community empowerment and captive breeding’.

Andrea will give an overview of an NGO working in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire using both in-situ and ex-situ methods to protect populations of the white-naped mangabey and the Roloway monkey from extinction. Crucially, WAPCA is funded by Zoological Collections and the talk will demonstrate the importance of zoos and the role they and their employees play in on the ground conservation.


Date: Thursday 10th August 2017

Time: 7pm – 9pm; please arrive promptly for 6.45pm for refreshments, before the talk.

Suitable for: Adults and older teenagers

Location: Twycross Zoo – Windows on the Wild Conference and Meeting Room; which is accessed through the main zoo entrance – Himalaya

Free parking: Yes

Admission: Adults £3 for members, £5 for non-members (find out more about becoming a member)

Booking: Please book in advance, call: 01827 883 140, or email: (we are currently unable to take online bookings for this event, or entry on the night).

Catering: Tea / coffee and biscuits are included in entry price.


More about the talk

The talk will take the audience on a journey thorough the challenges involved within endangered species conservation, including captive breeding and managing the genetic diversity of small captive populations, education of local people and international visitors, research, advances to welfare standards and the new plans for a reintroduction programme at Kumasi Zoo.

Andrea will also detail the field work in the home range of WAPCA’s two-focal species; the white-naped mangabeys and the Roloway monkey. She will explain how WAPCA works to create a holistic approach towards conservation. WAPCA recognises the important role local people must take in conservation and how by empowering and supporting them conservation actions are sustainable and effective.

The WAPCA Research Group will also be part of the talk. It is crucial that our conservation actions are monitored and evaluated, so that we can continue to improve and focus our actions on areas of most need. It is also important through publication that our knowledge and experiences are shared.

The talk will conclude by discussing additional elements of how an NGO works such as fundraising and raising awareness, our future plans and how we welcome volunteers to share their keeper experiences.


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Andrea spent ten years working at the Zoological Society of London’s London Zoo, leaving as a Senior Mammal Keeper specialising in primates and big cats. During that time I represented ZSL on the Old World Monkey TAG, Co-Chair BIAZA Primate Focus Group, hand reared and successfully introduced a white-naped mangabey offspring, carried out research across Europe on neonatal deaths of white-naped mangabeys for the EEP which won a BIAZA Award. Andrea was also a species spokesperson for mangabeys for BIAZA’s event, the Top Ten Mammals Most Reliant on Zoos for Survival.

Working at WAPCA since 2014, Andrea is part of the IUCN Primate Specialist Group, African Primatological Society Steering Committee, EAZA Species Monitor for Forest Guenons and the Conservation Advisor for the EAZA Old World Monkey TAG.

Andrea has a Master of Science degree in Primate Conservation and has worked on the IUCN Red List Species update. She co-authored the new publication of the World’s Most Endangered Primates and contributed to the LOST Species Campaign and created Mangabey Awareness Day.

Andrea currently lives in Ghana with her husband and cat.

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