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Work on the Wild Side’, Friday 19th May

We’re delighted to welcome Neil Dorman, Curator of Conservation Programmes and Planning at Twycross Zoo.

As part of the Endangered Species Weekend, Neil will guide guests through conservation breeding programmes in zoos, and provide some updates on the conservation projects that the zoo supports around the world.

Date: Friday 19th May 2017

Time: 7pm – 9pm; please arrive promptly for 6.45pm for refreshments, before the talk at 7pm.

Suitable for: Adults and older teenagers

Location: Twycross Zoo – Windows on the Wild Conference and Meeting Room; which is accessed through the main zoo entrance – Himalaya

Free parking: Yes

Admission: Adults £3 for members, £5 for non-members (find out more about becoming a member)

Booking: Please book in advance, call: 01827 883140, or email:
(we are currently unable to take online bookings for this event, or entry on the night).

Catering offer: Tea / coffee and biscuits are included in entry price.


More about the talk…

Working to preserve endangered species requires a multi-level approach, and here at Twycross Zoo we’re working hard, and also abroad; supporting our conservation partners, to help save endangered species and their habitats.

Zoos play a vital role in the conservation of endangered species and manage carefully coordinated breeding programmes.

Breeding programmes exist to ensure the survival of these species in captivity, and require international cooperation between collections to ensure they are a success.

• What does it take to breed endangered species in captivity?

• What does it take to reintroduce critically endangered leopards to their natural habitat?

• How do you conduct a population survey of shy gibbons in dense rainforests?

• How do you tackle the trade of bush-meat when the local people depend on the forest to feed their families?

Q&A with Neil to end.


More about your speaker…

Neil Dorman, Curator, Conservation Programmes and Planning, Twycross Zoo East Midlands Zoological Society

Neil started his zoo career at Twycross in 1986 as a trainee keeper and has worked throughout the animal department to his current position as Curator of Conservation Programmes and Planning.

Neil’s key roles are to liaise with the co-ordinated breeding programmes for the many, and varied, species that we work with. He also has design input to, and management of, the zoo’s new animal exhibits.

Neil is also a member of various Species Committee’s for several animal species held at Twycross, including Amur leopards, red titis and South American tapirs.

During his time at Twycross Zoo Neil has worked with a wide variety of animal species and is still recognised throughout the zoo by many of the animals.

In addition to Twycross, Neil has also worked at Banham Zoo in Norfolk for a short period.

Neil’s main area of expertise is carnivores and he was the EEP coordinator and International Studbook Keeper for the Asiatic lion until 2013.

Neil is also a co-chair of the BIAZA Carnivore Focus Group within the framework of the Mammal Working Group.


We hope you’ll come and join us, and Neil, for this special conservation evening to find out the answers to these questions, and learn much more about how Twycross Zoo supports the conservation of endangered species.

Clare Ellis, Twycross Zoo Research and Conservation Coordinator



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