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October Half Term Zoo Club

Keep the kids busy during October Half Term: Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October…

Loads of engaging and exciting activities – all themed around animals, wildlife, nature and zoos for your children to get involved in.

As well as being fun, the activities also allow your children to find out more about the amazing and endangered animals here at Twycross Zoo.

Children will have the chance to join in with various activities including arts and crafts, making enrichment (toys) for our animals, giving heath checks to some of our friendlier animals, and/or cryptic trails around the zoo!

  • Ages: 8 – 14 year olds
  • Cost: £85 per person per week (x5 days), or £20 per person per day
  • Dates: October Half Term = Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October
  • Drop off: 9am,  pick up at 4.30pm
  • Wrap around care available: for £5 per session (session times 8.30am – 9am, and also 4.30pm – 5.30pm – so £10 if you wanted both morning and afternoon)
  • Pop Badge: yes, members will be given a ‘Zoo Club 2017 Pop Badge’ for this event! Find out more about Twycross Zoo Pop Badges

Children will also get the chance to delve deeper into a range of hot topics like global conservation issues, zoo ethics, world habitats and animal behaviour.

All activities are led by our experienced Discovery and Learning staff, and suitable for children aged 8-14 years.

Children are supervised at all times, including breaks and lunch times.



“My daughter had an amazing time with you today! She could not stop talking about everything she experienced and how lovely time she had. Many thanks!” Dagmar

“My daughter Eva and her friend have had an absolutely fantastic time in the kids club today! She has been regaling me with her adventures all evening and is so fired up about the rainforests and conservation in general. Thanks on to everyone involved, and we hope to bring her back for some more sessions over the summer.” All the best, Rachel Morley.


To book…

With such a wide variety of activities to take part in, it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Places are limited, so we advise booking as early as possible to avoid missing out;


Zoo Club Day Outline

Outline of the day and what to expect…

Wrap around care is provided if you’d like it from TBC. [This costs just £5 per session; session times 8.30am – 9am, and also 4.30pm – 5.30pm – so £10 if you wanted both morning and afternoon].

Welcome: The day starts with an introduction from the Discovery and Learning Team who give the children an overview of the events and activates the will take part in throughout the day. We also play a fun icebreaker game to help introduce everybody to each other.

Hands-on activity: This is a physical activity where the children get a further educational insight to the zoo and experience and do things the everyday zoo visitor doesn’t get to do.

Discovery Session: This is related to a theme, based on school sessions.

Break time: all break times are fully supervised

Enrichment making: the children make items to give to the animals, which enriches their experience at the zoo. These could be toys/crafts with hidden food items that the animals play with and explore.

Lunch time: this is fully supervised. Please note; you MUST provide a pack-lunch for your child.

Recap & starter: here we look back at the mornings activities learning from the morning via a game or activity, and then introduce the afternoon sessions.

Exploration: More activities and a chance to get to know the zoo better; which could include a trail around the zoo, collecting clues and learning about our animals.

Enrichment delivery: This involves watching the keepers give the enrichment items made earlier to the animals, and watching the animals investigate them.

Break time: all break times are fully supervised

Arts & crafts: A chance to get creative and make something with an animal theme.

End of the day – the children receive a recap of what they’ve learnt throughout the day, and a chance to ask any more questions and also feedback about their day and experiences. If they are staying for the next day a brief overview is given etc.

Wrap around care is available from 8.30am – 9am, and also 4.30pm – 5.30pm; £5 per session, so £10 if you wanted both morning and afternoon].


Book your places now…

Places are limited, so we advise booking as early as possible to avoid missing out;


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NOTE: times and day to day activities can be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. But we will ensure you still have a fantastic day and undertake as many of the activities as possible.


Opening Times: 10am - 6pm