Twycross Zoo Red Legged Seriema

Red-legged seriema

Red-legged seriemas have a primarily brown plumage with black and white banded wing feathers. They have a distinctive crest of feathers above their beak. Their beak and legs are a red-orange colour and around the eyes the bare skin is blue.

Twycross Zoo Red Legged Seriema

The breeding season for the red-legged seriema varies throughout its range. For example in north Brazil it breeds from February to July, but in Argentina breeding is in November and December. The breeding pair nest alone and produce a round structure of twigs, in a tree, lined with leaves and clay. The female is more involved with the incubation and feeding than the male. Chicks fledge at one month old, but do not get their adult feathers for another four months.

Key Facts:


Conservation Status: Least Concern

Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

Habitat: Savannah, Temperate Forest

Diet: Insects, Seeds, Small Mammals, Small Reptiles

Height: 75 – 90cm

Weight: 1.5kg

No. of young: 2 – 3

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