Free entry for leap year birthdays

Calling all leapers!

Are you one of the few people born on the 29th February, and therefore only get to see your birthday once every 4 years?! These people are often referred to as ‘leapers’. If you are a leaper, you might consider yourself unlucky, and so to make the most of your unique birthday we want to offer you FREE ENTRY to Twycross Zoo on the 29th February 2016!*

All 8 of our ring-tailed lemurs were born in a leap year in 2012 and are celebrating their 4th birthdays this year. These leapers can leap up to 10 metres! Come down to the zoo and see if you can leap as far as them.Ring-tailed lemur

According to the old Irish tradition, leap year day is also the perfect chance for a woman to take matters into her own hands and get down on one knee. Are you planning a proposal? Any ladies thinking of proposing to their loved one this leap day, why not do it at the zoo! You can even plan to have your special day here …


*you must provide photographic ID to prove date of birth

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm