Getting to the heart of apes – Twycross Zoo CEO to discuss latest findings on ape heart study!!

Heart disease is a major cause of death among great apes, just as it is in humans. Despite this, very little is known about heart disease or what causes it in these species. Twycross Zoo and the University of Nottingham are leading the way with a pan-European research project aimed at improving our understanding and ultimately reducing mortality.

Come and attend our Conservation Welfare Talk on Wednesday 24th August, commencing at 7pm, delivered by project manager Vicky Strong and Projector Director & Twycross Zoo’s CEO Sharon Redrobe. You will hear about some of the problems great apes are facing and what the researchers have been able to find out so far. More information about the Ape Heart Project can be found on .


CWF Ape Heart Project talk



Opening Times: 10am - 5pm