Meet our Vets

our vetsOur last video allowed you to meet our keepers, in our latest video you can meet our vets. Our vets are very important people who work closely with the keepers to prevent our animals from disease. By working closing with the keepers this means they can spot anything that could indicate a serious problem as our animals are really good a hiding it until they are really poorly.

A typical day as a Twycross vet involves regular health checks of our animals, many are trained to allow our vets to examine them but most need to be under anaesthetic in order for us to handle them. In our video you can watch one of our otters undergo their health check.

During the procedure we scan them, give them an x-ray, weigh them, rank their body condition, take a blood sample, do an ultrasound, take measurements and even take samples of fur and feathers. This gives us a good idea of how our animals are doing.

From little otters to our biggest animals in the zoo our elephants; the largest weighing 3 and a half tonnes similar to a van. With the elephants we regularly check their feet, we have to train them to do this by making it as much as a positive experience as we can. We even give them a bit of a pedicure!

We are officially affiliated with Nottingham University and our vets will teach their final year veterinary students and get them involved with clinical rotation. It is also great to give them confidence to work with exotic and unfamiliar species.

If you did not know already Twycross Zoo has the largest collection of prime mates in Europe, we are also the only zoo in the UK to have Bonobos making us have all 4 types of the great ape at our zoo.

Our vets also look into helping preserve endangered species with international breeding programs. If you have visited our Amur leopards at Twycross you may have seen that there are less than 50 left in the wild throughout the whole world. We like to show how amazing these creatures are to the public as well as trying to help preserve the species for generations to come.

So come a long and meet our vets!

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm