New meerkat exhibit now open!

Twycross Zoo is excited to announce that our mob of meerkats have moved into their new and improved home!


More than double the size the new exhibit has been designed to give the meerkats more space to scurry and explore, heaps of dirt
for them to dig burrows and features an artificial termite mound which keepers will fill with tasty treats! Logs and rocks are scattered around to give high vantage points for our meerkats to adopt their classic ‘standing’ pose as they keep watch over their group. 

The new enhanced exhibit provides a more spacious and enriched environment for our mob to live in, and allows the meerkats to continue to exhibit natural foraging behaviours as they would do in the wild.

Meerkat 1Visitors can get nose-to-nose with these popular animals through brand new floor length glass viewing panels, giving unparalleled views of these fascinating and funny creatures. The extension also gives a much larger viewing area, so everyone can see the action!

Come and watch them (including our four fluffy babies!) explore their new surroundings!

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm