Our Conservation

monkeyAt Twycross we have an exciting opportunity and a moral responsibility to protect those species that are becoming extinct faster than the natural rate in wild.

Modern zoos play a vital role in conservation and together we hope to build genetically sustainable populations.

Every single person can make a change in their behaviour and their actions that can have a positive impact on a species situation. The great ape will be extinct in 15 years in the wild so we encourage even just a fraction of our visitors to change their behaviour based on the messages they have learned whilst they have been at Twycross Zoo.

As the wildlife suffers zoos are becoming more and more important into contributing to preventing species from extinction. Twycross is part of a captive breeding programs that are managed in European and international level. We participate in a few and due to our expertise we lead a few ourselves.

Working together with a single approach we pair up animals a bit like a dating agency, so this information builds up a really big family tree and we get offspring that is genetically healthy and retains as much genetic material from the population.

Learn more about our conservation process here.

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