Our Training

twy - monkeyOur last in the series of the ‘Inside Twycross Zoo’ videos looks into the training of our animals with our animal training manager, Kris Hern.

The reason we do animal training is to get the animals to perform behaviours for the purposes of the veterinary team. This is so we can provide the best health care for all our animals, for example if we notice in a general health check that the animal may be under or over weight we would ask the keepers to keep an eye on their weight without a vet having to anesthetise them every time.

The trainers get the animals to present their body parts for examination through positive reinforcement. These behaviours are voluntary from the animals through their primary reinforcement, which is what an animal wants – usually food!

The trainers also reinforce a verbal bridge through the word ‘good’, they pair this word with food, so the animal learns that good is a positive thing!

To watch the video in full, visit our video page, where you can watch the other videos in the ‘Inside Twycross Zoo’ collection.

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