Precision Behavior

Animal Training Essentials Workshop

Sunday 5th October 2014
9am – 4pm

Precicion behavior photoThad Lacinak & Angi Millwood are the founders/owners of Precision Behavior. They have worked and consulted at over 60 aquariums & zoos in more than 20 countries. They have authored numerous papers and Thad is the co-author of three Whale Done books. Thad enjoyed a 35-year career at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens and retired as the Vice President and Corporate Curator of Animal Training and Enrichment. Angi was on the opening team of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, was a manager of marine mammals at Atlantis, the Palm, in Dubai and the Animal Training Coordinator of the Fort Worth Zoo. To learn more about them, please visit their website and Facebook page.

This animal training workshop covers essential skills for every animal training professional. More than just the basics, this workshop also introduces advanced concepts that all animal trainers should understand. Topics include: getting started, the learning elements, clear cuing, advanced bridging, shaping behavior, consequences, reinforcement strategies and addressing aggression.


Opening Times: 10am - 5pm