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Charity Heart

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity (number 501841) which exists to support conservation, education and research.

Request for Prizes and Donations

Thank you for contacting Twycross Zoo

As a major visitor attraction we want to support our local community as much as possible.

Because at Twycross Zoo we are a registered conservation and education charity, we carefully monitor the number of free entry tickets that are issued to other organisations for fundraising events.

In order to manage the amount of request for prizes and donations we receive, we have put the following criteria in place to try to be as fair to all requests as we can;

  •  Tickets will be issued to organisations, or other registered charities, in the local area only.
  • We donate tickets directly to organisations and charities, rather than third parties, i.e. not to those holding events on behalf of other nominated charities or causes.
  • Only one set of tickets will be allocated to successful organisations in any twelve month period.
  • Please note: do to the amount of requests we received we unfortunately unable to reply to all unsuccessful requests.
  • All applications submitted will be considered using the above criteria by the last Friday of every month, successful applicants will be notified by post within the first week of the following month.
  • Please submit your request by printing, completing this form and then posting to our registered address > Request form


Thank you for your understanding

Twycross Zoo