“Bonobo, the forgotten ape” – Join us on the 6th October for an update on their conservation status in the Congo

When: Thursday 6th October @ 7pm.

Where: The Windows on The Wild conference room in our Himalaya Visitor Centre.

Despite being our closest living relatives, there is very little known or understood about the Bonobos compared to their sister species, the Chimpanzee.

The Bonobos at Twycross Zoo. Photographs: Lucy Ray/Twycross Zoo

CWT Bonobos oct 2016 spotlight

During this talk, Dr Zanna Clay, from the School of Psychology at Birmingham University will provide the audience with updates on the current conservation activities taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo that help to protect the Bonobo. In particular, she will talk about the recent developments taking place at the Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary, a project Twycross Zoo has supported for many years. There will also be a focus on the Bonobo release program

Come and join the talk to find out more about these fascinating animals!



Opening Times: 10am - 5pm