The lorikeets have landed!

The latest addition to Twycross Zoo, Lorikeet Landing is now open to the public! 

The new 576m2  walkthrough exhibit is now home to 39 rainbow lorikeets, a colourful parrot native to Australasia.

Visitors will be able to feed the lively lorikeets by hand as there will be pots of nectar on sale for £1.

Get up close and personal with these beautiful birds as they land near you and sip right out of your hand!

Dr Charlotte Macdonald, Head of Life Sciences at Twycross Zoo said “We are delighted to have rainbow lorikeets here as they are a very engaging, lively species.  The immersive nature of the exhibit is designed to give our visitors a unique experience, inspiring them to learn more about birds and the conservation importance of bird species across the globe.”

Come to and see the new lorikeets at Twycross Zoo this summer and get 10% off ticket prices when you book online!

Gillian Day Parakeets May 31st 2014 (2)

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm