Twycross Zoo Announcement


The Board of Trustees of Twycross Zoo is very pleased to announce that Sharon Redrobe has been appointed Chief Executive and that the appointment will take effect as of Monday 14th October 2013.


Sharon Redrobe, 44, a vet with distinction in Zoo Medicine, started her career by developing a commercial enterprise: an exotic pet vet service. In 1999 Sharon was appointed Head of Veterinary Services at Bristol Zoo Gardens, where she worked on the Zoo’s development plan and became recognised as an influential international speaker and ambassador for the zoo community. By 2010 she was Clinical Associate Professor at Nottingham University as well as Director of Life Sciences at Twycross Zoo, where she has become a key member of the Board, working across many departments.


Susan Bell, Chairman, said that “after a lengthy, rigorous and independent selection process, we are confident that we have a capable and enthusiastic new Chief Executive with the right skill set and experience to lead Twycross Zoo through the next phase of its development”. She further added that “the Board is very grateful to our fellow Trustee, Mary-Lorraine Hughes, who stepped into the role of Acting Chief Executive without notice, at a very difficult time last November, and has successfully steered the Zoo through a challenging 10 months. Mary-Lorraine, who had been Chairman for only a year prior to this, will revert to the position of Executive Chairman of Trustees simultaneously with the appointment of our new Chief Executive on the 14th October. This will provide the continuity and confidence needed at this time.”

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm