Twycross Zoo says goodbye to plastic bags

What is the most common litter washed up on beaches?  What releases harmful chemicals (like flame retardants) as it falls apart?  What gets mistaken for marine animals and plants and eaten by unwary animals? What gets animals trapped and entangled both on land and underwater? What continues to pollute even when it breaks apart into microscopic pieces? The answer to all of these questions is plastic bags.

Even biodegradable bags have issues – as they break down in landfill they release methane, a gas involved in climate change.

This is why from 1st July 2014, Twycross Zoo will not be providing plastic carrier bags in any of our gift shops. We will instead be offering reusable bags which are being sold for £1 – and you can use again and again every time you visit!

Plastic bags cause so much trouble – and it is so easy to switch to reusable bags. Make the switch today to help our animals and our environment!

evil carrier bag (3)

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm