Vicuna babies born at Twycross


Twycross Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of two vicuna babies!

vicugna infant


Keepers noticed one of our vicuna going into labour at lunchtime on Tuesday, and were thrilled when they spotted that another of our females was also ready to give birth. Vicuna live in groups of one dominant male and several females, and while females normally give birth around the same time, having two mothers give birth on the same afternoon is quite unusual!
vicugna infantThe two infants were born within hours of each other. While the first calf arrived without incident, the second took a little longer, so our vet team were on standby to help if needed. Happily mum successfully delivered the baby naturally, and both mums and babies are doing very well. These photographs were taken shortly after the second calf was born.
Vicuna are a member of the camel family found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, and they are thought to be the wild ancestor of the alpaca. They have long legs and necks, and are covered with a layer of fluffy light brown fur. Infants are born well developed and are on their feet within 15 minutes.


Vicugna infants

Our vicuna herd, including our two new babies, are on show in their paddock next to the tapir and mara. The two newborns are the latest in a flurry of babies at the Zoo, including meerkat pups, bonobo and gorilla infants, a penguin chick, our two snow leopard cubs, and more. Don’t forget to ‘like’ Twycross Zoo on Facebook for the latest news and photos of all our Zoo Babies.

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