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Twycross Zoo is a registered charity (number 501841) which exists to support conservation, education and research.

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The money made through our animal adoptions contributes to looking after zoo animals as well as endangered species across the world. Adopt one of your favourite animals from our online shop and receive your adoption gift pack through the post – a perfect present for all animal lovers.

There are a lot of animal conservation projects that we support including Mobile Phone Recycling for Forests in Africa, Sustainable Fish, Borneo Nature Foundation, and more.  

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What Animals Can I Adopt?

Find out more about the animals we have up for adoption below:

Adopt a Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are losing their homes due to humans using their rainforest habitat for farming, logging, and mining.

They are also under threat from hunting for bushmeat, the pet trade, and can catch human diseases.

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Adopt a Chilean flamingo

The Chilean flamingo is one of the largest species of flamingo.

They are decreasing in population and are classed as a near threat due to illegal egg collection, poaching and habitat loss caused by mining and tourism.

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Adopt a Giraffe

These friendly animals were traditionally hunted for just their tails.

However, Giraffes now face serious threat through poaching for skin and meat, as well as losing their habitat due to human development. 

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Adopt a Meerkat

Did you know that Meerkats are immune to small reptile and invertebrate venom?

Because of this, in the wild they are known to catch venomous snakes.

Meerkats currently aren’t under any threat. 

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Adopt a Bornean orangutan

Orangutans are the only great apes in Asia and are seen as very prestigious.

However, they face serious threat due to poaching and habitat loss.

Their forests are turned into palm oil plantations and farmers will kill any Orang that ventures onto their plantation. 

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Adopt a Humboldt penguin

Penguins have been under threat for over 40 years.

The main causes of this are overfishing, the collection of guano (a substance that helps them fertilise), and climate change.

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Adopt an Eastern black rhino

Our Eastern black rhino is classed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List due to illegal hunting of the horn, which has seen an increase in demand.

Learn more about what’s being done to reduce the threat of extinction here.

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Adopt a Snow leopard

The main issue faced by Snow leopards is the poor availability of pray.

This results in hunting farmed species that then lead the locals to kill the leopards in retribution.

They are also under threat of poaching and illegal trade. Learn more here.

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Adopt a Sumatran tiger

Our Sumatran tigers are also another endangered species due to various reasons including poaching, habitat loss, climate change, and human-wildlife conflicts.

Learn more about their importance to the Sumatran eco-system here.

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Adopt a Zebra

Found in Africa, Zebras are classed as least concern by the IUCN.

They are however, affected by habitat loss, hunting and competition with livestock for grazing and water.

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Adopt one of your favourite animals from our online shop today and receive your adoption pack through the post.