World of Wings

‘A World of Wings’ Avian training professional Mike Simmons, will be showing us a free flight bird behaviour display with Ground Hornbills, parrots and storks (Weather depending!)
Mike will also be giving a talk at the conference about “A World of Wings” and how it was created with the aim of sharing the world of birds with a wide mix of audiences. The company primarily focuses on free flight birds shows to non-professionals but given the success of the bird training the company has branched out to training people in the care of birds.

A little bit about Mike Simmons and ‘A World of Wings’

Mike SimmonsMike is an internationally recognised and award winning bird trainer. He started his career at Colchester Zoo when he was just 16 but has been obsessed with animals all his life. He has travelled the length of the country displaying his birds at venues such as Leeds Castle, Colchester Zoo and The Pet Show. He also gives lectures at college and universities and is an assessor for the LANTRA falconry qualification. Mike received an award from the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators in 2012 for the training achievements with Ground Hornbills, followed by an award in 2013 for his work with training a Bald Eagle.
The aim of A World of Wings is to promote birds and share them with people of all ages, in many different capacities from free-flight bird shows to specially designed interaction programmes and encounters. Instead of birds being trained to perform tricks, it is them who teach us to understand how to build a relationship built on trust, allowing us into their world. With this amazing partnership the birds have demonstrated amazing feats of intelligence and soar, glide and climb their way into the eyes and hearts of their audience.

Opening Times: 10am - 6pm