World Orang Utan Day 2013


World Orang utan Day at Twycross Zoo!


Gillian Day Orang Baby July 2nd 2013 (11)

Here at Twycross Zoo we have cared for orang utans since we opened in 1963 and we successfully contribute to the European Breeding Programme of the critically endangered species, with 21 of the apes being born at the zoo over past 50 years – the latest being two and a half year old Molly.

Orang utans are one of the four species of great ape (including gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees) all of which face a very uncertain future. Experts now predict great apes could be extinct in the wild in as little as 20 years and with fewer than 48,500 orang utans left in the wild they stand little chance of survival given the rate of destruction of their natural habitat from palm oil plantations.

One of the ways you can all help is by avoiding products that contain palm oil (unless they specifically state that it is sustainably produced and the producer has signed up to the RSPO), only buying FSC wood products, and learning more about the dangers facing orang utans in the wild – Twycross Zoo has supported through its Conservation Welfare Fund.


You can also support the conservation work we do here at Twycross Zoo by texting TWYZ36 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070. For example, to donate £5 just text: TWYZ36£5 to 70070- it’s as easy as that!



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