Zebras, Butterfly Forest and an Expanded Explorers Kids Zone. It’s all NEW at Twycross Zoo this Easter!

Twycross Zoo is very excited to announce that a whole host of new and exciting attractions will be open this Easter!

From a refurbished and expanded children’s ’Explorers Zone’, which boasts a brand new adventure playground, gift shop, pizzeria café and a magical Butterfly Forest to new and improved exhibits including ‘African Plains’ home to our newly arrived group of zebra, a new giant tortoise indoor area and so much more!

Neil Dorman, Curator of Projects and Planning says “All of our new projects have been designed to give our visitors an even better day out, including species new to the zoo such as zebra and a lush, undercover butterfly area.”

ButterflyAt nearly 600 square metres, and almost 6 metres high at its tallest point, the Butterfly Forest was designed by Twycross Zoo staff. Visitors will follow a winding path through a heavily planted setting where they can marvel at a host of colourful, free flying butterflies. This exciting new exhibit will be open for the school Easter holidays and will prove to be a fantastic experience for both young and old with butterfly hatching cabinets where visitors will be able to see the butterflies emerging and uncurling from their pupae.


Anna Westbury, Animal Team Leader says “It’s magical to see the butterfly emerging and we are looking forward to showing our visitors the incredible life cycles of these animals.”

We are very excited about the arrival of the zebra and are confident that such an easily recognisable and iconic species will be a firm favourite with our visitors. The old giraffe house Zebrahas been converted into new stables for the four young males and the paddock has been extended to three times the original size with a grass paddock, hard-standing dry area and three viewing shelters with seating for visitors.

Our giant tortoises are also getting even more improvements. Last year we extended the outside paddock with boulders and a pond and this year the internal area is getting a makeover. We are giving them twice as much room inside with better viewing windows for the visitors plus we’ve upgraded the heating system for animals and humans alike so it becomes a lovely place to stand and watch tortoises on one side and bonobos on the other – all year round.

We are also expanding facilities for our award winning education department. Education is one of the Zoo’s core objectives and we want as many school children as possible to experience one of our interactive sessions. So, this spring we have created three new classrooms so that we can teach twice as many children in 2014!

Con WayStaff have also been busy doing a lot of work within the grounds including landscaping and the installation of brand new signage designed to help visitors navigate their way around the Zoo much more easily – check out our colourful new zones around the zoo. Updates on these and other projects can be found on the Zoo’s new website and Facebook page!

Sharon Redrobe, Chief Executive, says ‘I am delighted to launch the new look zoo for Easter 2014 with several new projects, new signage and a new website. All the staff teams having been working very hard to create these projects for our animals and visitors alike and we look forward to welcome many more visitors this year.’


Opening Times: 10am - 5pm