Zoo Welcomes Casey the Dusky Leaf-Monkey!

Twycross Zoo recently welcomed a new male dusky leaf-monkey to its collection, all the way from Birmingham, Alabama! Casey 1   The dusky leaf-monkey, also known as a spectacled langur, travelled over 4000 miles to the Midlands based zoo as part of the worldwide breeding programme for this threatened species.Tony Dobbs, Section Head of Primates, commented: “Casey arrived at Twycross Zoo a few weeks ago and has settled in really well. He’s already very friendly with our three females which is a good sign!       “Despite the big move from Birmingham Zoo, he’s very chilled out and relaxed in his new home. He is on show to the public and has been busy over the past few weeks exploring his new surroundings.” The six year old male, named Casey, joins the Zoo’s three female dusky leaf-monkeys: Mork (aged 10), Mathilda (aged 6) and Frida (aged 10).   CaseySharon Redrobe, Zoological Director, added: “Whilst transferring an animal from outside of Europe involves a lot of planning and coordination, introducing Casey into our group of dusky leaf-monkeys at Twycross Zoo brings in a fresh new bloodline to breed with our three females, so genetically he’s very important for the conservation of this species.” Twycross Zoo has been caring for dusky leaf-monkeys since it opened in 1963. The Zoo has enjoyed a very successful history breeding this endangered primate, with more than 50 individuals born at the Zoo over the past 50 years! The species is classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List due to hunting and extensive habitat loss from expanding oil palm plantations.

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm