Apply to research

How to apply

Before you consider a zoo research project you must read the ethical guidelines and (if appropriate) the sampling guidelines on the BIAZA web site – see link here. We will expect all multi-zoo studies, including questionnaire-based studies, to have successfully applied to the BIAZA Research committee for a letter of support. Where appropriate, breeding programme coordinators will also be approached for multi zoo studies. You will also need a college or university supervisor that supports your research.

All enquiries regarding research should be directed to the Research Office You should contact us to discuss your project at an early stage. We expect you to have a good idea of what you would like to do but be prepared to be flexible. Once you have read the above materials you must submit an application form which you will find here, this will then be considered by the zoo’s managers. It may take some weeks to get approval and not all projects are approved. Plan ahead and leave plenty of time. We cannot always support projects as they stand but can often suggest slight changes so that we can accommodate them.

For undergraduate degree students interested in completing an enrichment study with us here at Twycross Zoo, we would ask that you review this guidance document, and the links provided on it, to ensure that your project application meets the criteria set out.

Please note there is a research fee for all projects carried out at Twycross Zoo which must be paid before commencing the study. This will be outlined in the application paperwork.

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