An update from our zoo keepers, on the last three years at Twycross Zoo

28th Jun 2023

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Last night, Twycross Zoo hosted it’s first Conservation Evening Talk of 2023, giving visitors a glimpse into the action, behind the scenes at the zoo.

Here’s what we learnt 👇

🦠 The pandemic had a major impact on the zoo and we are still dealing with that. But, it did allow for some interesting studies of our animals. We’re grateful for the support of our visitors, members and donors and without them, we would not be where we are today, celebrating 60 years of Twycross Zoo.

🐒 Baby monkey photos were definitely the crowd pleaser – but sadly, due to brexit and without government action, we are seeing a drastic decrease in breeding opportunities for many endangered primate species. Read more on this. There has also been lots of behind the scenes action, with more on the way, improving the habitats of our primate collection… keep your eyes peeled on your next visit to the zoo.

🐅 There’s lots of great change to our big cat collection, from handsome arrival Khumbu, who is slowly being introduced to Irma. To our female Amur leopards joining breeding programmes around the world, where they will continue being important ambassadors for the most endangered big cat species.

🦩 We celebrated our first flamingo chick in 30 years and we have some great new reptilian additions to our animal collection, thanks to The Gruffalo Discovery Land. Plus, did you know the bird, herptile & invert team care for more than 1000+ individual animals… including each and every ant.

🦧 We’re still proud to be the only UK zoo home to all four great apes. We recently teamed up with University of St Andrews who are supporting amazing research projects of the species & the National Science and Conservation Centre is coming… with a BRAND NEW home for our Bornean orangutans. Watch this space.

🏆 Finally, despite a rollercoaster 3 years of covid, brexit and more… We have still made fantastic achievements for the greater good of our visitors, team, animals and global conservation. All thanks, to our incredibly passionate team and you, our supporters, members & visitors.

It’s an exciting year for Twycross Zoo! Join us.

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