Professor Alice Roberts backs Twycross Zoo in emotional plea of support

28th Jun 2023

Professor Alice Roberts, writer, broadcaster and Patron of Twycross Zoo pledges her support for Twycross Zoo’s Summer of Survival campaign in an emotional video capturing why the conservation charity needs public support now more than ever.

Alice joins previous support from other celebrities including Dame Judi Dench and Sam Bailey who have backed the campaign to save the 57-year zoo.

The heart-felt video covers just some of the reasons why Twycross Zoo exists and the importance of its survival for conservation, education and research, such as:

  • Twycross Zoo home to 500 animals of 125 species, many of whom are endangered or critically endangered
  • Twycross Zoo is renowned as a world primate centre with the largest collection of primates in the UK and USA
  • Twycross Zoo is the only place in the UK home to the four great apes – chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang utans – the closest living cousins to the human race
  • In an average year, Twycross Zoo’s award-winning education department teaches 60,000 school children about the natural world
  • Since its existence, Twycross Zoo has supported 55 conservation projects from 27 countries around the world
  • Twycross Zoo is part of European breeding programmes to preserve endangered species including one of the world’s rarest big cats, the Amur leopard.

Over the last four months Twycross Zoo has been fighting for its future and has battled since lockdown in countless pleas to the government for vital financial aid to save its zoo from extinction. With no access to the Government’s £100 million Zoo Fund, the zoo has had no other choice than to call on its supporters to join its fight for survival as it looks ahead at crippling debts and so much uncertainty.

Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, CEO Twycross Zoo said: “We want to thank Alice for her moving words and as Patron of Twycross Zoo for over 6 years, her support means a lot to us.

“We have been blown away by the public so far since we reopened in June, who have booked tickets and memberships, donated and adopted animals however we cannot stop fighting yet. It’s vital that we have a successful Summer and the only way we can do this is to continue to call upon our supporters to join the fight in our Summer of Survival and help protect our zoo from extinction.

“It really is going to take a whole community to save our zoo and a small gesture can collectively make a huge difference to our charity.”

By buying a ticket, donating online, becoming a Member or adopting an animal the public can help Twycross Zoo thrive this Summer and survive the coming Winter. Discover more here:


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