Supporting Wildtracks and the spider monkeys in Belize

28th Jun 2023

Did you know your zoo admission not only helps us support our conservation partners but also to send our experts to support conservation activities around the world!

The central American spider monkey is one of the world’s 25 most endangered primate species. This is due to a rapidly declining population as a result of deforestation, forest fragmentation and the illegal wildlife trade.

In January 2019, our Head of Life Sciences and qualified zoo specialist veterinarian, Dr Matyas Liptovszky travelled to Belize to support a conservation organisation called Wildtracks​. Wildtracks often rehabilitates injured and sick spider monkeys confiscated from the illegal pet trade in Belize, with the aim of releasing them back into protected release sites.

Matyas conducted health assessments on 5 spider monkeys prior to their release. These checks are essential to ensure individuals are in good health, with no diseases prior to being released.

Keep up to date with the journey of these spider monkeys and more work form Wildtracks via their Facebook page.

Twycross Zoo will be supporting Wildtracks for 2019, so why not come and see our beautiful spider monkeys here at Twycross Zoo this February Half Term.

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