TELLING ALL: Twycross Zoo curators to host live panel explaining what it really takes to run a conservation zoo

On Thursday 23 November 2023, Twycross Zoo invites visitors to discover the inner workings of the zoo, in a one-off, intimate panel with curators Lynsey Bugg and Neil Dorman.

‘Untold Stories: What it takes to run a zoo’ is the next event in our exciting series of conservation evening talks, which aim to highlight some of our charity's important conservation projects, breeding programmes and behind the scenes work. This time round, the zoo’s curators, Lynsey Bugg and Neil Dorman, will sit down for an inspiring and insightful panel.

Between them both, Bugg and Dorman share 60 years of experience in the zoo industry and will be covering a range of topics from animal breeding to worldwide conservation management. Importantly, they’ll be answering the question on many people’s minds “Where do zoo animals come from?”.

The event, which takes place on Thursday 23 November 2023 from 6pm to 7.30pm, will include an hour-long talk and Q&A panel, hosted by dynamic duo Laura Summers and Becky Hayes, of The Laura & Becky Show. The pair, who present a daily podcast, are sure to bring a buzz as they deep-dive into the workings of the zoo, quiz the curators and invite you, the audience, to ask questions too.

Twycross Zoo, is a leading conservation zoo and award-winning visitor attraction, working to make a global impact on endangered species through six core conservation goals, launched as part of its Conservation Strategy 2023-2030. This event is a unique opportunity for members of the public to get a little closer to the action and gain an insight into what happens behind the scenes.

Snow leopard Khumbu walking on grass

Neil Dorman, Curator at Twycross Zoo said:

"We’re really looking forward to sitting down with visitors to talk about the inner workings of Twycross. There is so much incredible work happening behind the scenes to benefit species conservation, that our visitors rarely get to see, so it will be fantastic to share these stories with them during the evening.

Having worked at Twycross Zoo for over 30 years, I’ve been lucky to have a lot of different experiences and amazing animal encounters that I hope will give visitors a unique insight into zoo-life and inspire them to be part of our charities mission to save endangered species from extinction.

As a charity, our visitors support is vital, and we can’t continue our mission without them. This event is a perfect opportunity for them to feel closer to that mission, discover more about our work and gain a better understanding of its impact.”

Laura Summers and Becky Hayes, Presenters of The Laura & Becky Show, echoed his thoughts, saying:

“We are absolutely over the moon to be hosting Twycross Zoo’s upcoming talk. Every time we visit, we are fascinated by not only the animals, but by the team and the amazing work they do to help animals around the world.

There’s so many questions we want to ask, and we’re sure visitors do too, so it will be fabulous to chat and learn more about what happens behind the scenes throughout the evening.”

Tickets for the evening must be booked in advance at and include entry to the ‘Untold Stories’ event, as well as light refreshments.


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