Twycross Zoo launches exclusive perfume range inspired by animal scents

28th Jun 2023

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Twycross Zoo has launched a collection of limited edition fragrances as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, offering animal lovers the chance to smell like some of their favourite species.

The conservation charity has today (Saturday 1st April), unveiled its exclusive ‘Eau De Twycross’ range – a brand-new aroma collection. The bespoke range features four distinctive scents which have been inspired by iconic animals at the zoo, including penguins, rhinos, monkeys and apes.

2020 01 21 Penguin Scaled

The four scents that feature as part of the ‘Eau De Twycross’ range, include Eau D’Ape – a fragrance dedicated to the most notable species in the Zoo’s history, with undertones of sweaty chimp pheromone and left-over vegetables. Paying homage to the 25 Humboldt penguins at Twycross Zoo, By The Penguin Pool scent encapsulates the distinctive smell of the penguins’ feeding time and is sure to leave a lasting impression for passers-by.

Hard-hitting and strong, the Radiating Rhino fragrance comprises of a deep mix of earthy scents, organic soil, arid sands and musky dung, whilst the final fragrance, Monkey Business, is inspired by the variety of monkey species who call Twycross Zoo home and features deep woody notes combined with moist plant scents.

Eastern Black Rhino

Lynsey Bugg, Curator of Animal Collections at Twycross Zoo, commented:

“There truly are some evocative scents across our 100-acre Zoo, so we’re thrilled to be giving the public the chance to smell just like one of their favourite animals as part of our milestone 60th birthday celebrations!”

The four fragrances are available to buy online now and are priced at just £19.63 per bottle. All orders of the special scents will support Twycross Zoo as a registered conservation charity, helping to care for hundreds of animals in the Zoo, as well as endangered species across the globe, through in-situ conservation work and projects.

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