The world’s oceans are being overfished, putting the fish and the entire food chain dependent on them at risk.

What is Sustainable Fishing?

  • Sustainable fishing allows fish populations to recover and thus ensures the continuing existence of these species and all other marine and freshwater life that depend on them.
  • Sustainable fishing methods have less impact on the environment and have a reduced amount of by-catch (other species collected or caught that are not wanted).

Why is it important to use Sustainable Fish sources and Sustainable Fishing methods?

  • Millions of people’s livelihoods depend on fishing around the world but overfishing is not only a problem for us humans. Poorly managed fishing can result in the extinction of some species so they may not be available for us to eat any more, but this is an even bigger problem for other wildlife that rely on those fish for food. Fish are important parts of aquatic ecosystems and their absence can have a devastating effect on food chains and severely impact the healthy functioning of marine and freshwater environments.
  • Marine habitats  are facing an ever increasing range of threats, including pollution and climate change. Thus it is even more important now that we do what we can to protect marine life so that future generations can enjoy eating sea food and marvel at the incredible diversity of habitats and life in the oceans.

What are we doing?

  • At Twycross Zoo we use sustainably sourced herring to feed our penguins.
  • We only use sustainable fish at all of our catering facilities, including our restaurant and in “The Catch”, our Fish Bar.
  • We hope we can inspire you to take a small action to support the world’s oceans, too.

What can you do?

  • Support businesses that only sell sustainable fish, such as our cafes and restaurants here at Twycross Zoo.
  • Buy only sustainable fish. Not sure which fish is from a sustainable source? Visit the Marine Conservation Society’s website for their Good Fish Guide and download the app to your mobile phone.
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