Tz Family Tree

Twycross Zoo awarded with WAZA Nature Connect Grant

Running in parallel with Ape Action Africa, Twycross Zoo has been running a unique five week programme for local families called TZ Family Tree; together we grow.

Families committed to attending every Sunday for five weeks and had the opportunity to discover nature together. Each themed week explored the importance of nature and most importantly, how to encourage native wildlife at home, how to make environmentally-friendly consumer choices, and how we can all work together to save some of the world’s most endangered and at risk animals.

TZ Family Tree participants transformed an area to the side of Twycross Zoo’s Study Centre, which has now been coined as the ‘Nature Nook’ into a native wildlife haven, complete with bird houses, a log pile, a bug hotel and plenty of tasty herbs and flowers for minibeasts.

Activities: How can you help?

Our native animals have been losing their natural habitat. Woodlands, hedgerows, fields, marshes and ponds have been destroyed to make way for roads, houses, factories and an ever expanding human population. This is having a negative impact on our native wildlife which are pushed to the very fringes of survival.

But there is hope.

There are over a million acres of private gardens in Britain, as well as the acres of land belonging to schools, colleges and businesses. Any garden, whether big or small, urban or rural, can be made into a nature haven for our wildlife.

Click the links below to find some simple and fun ideas of what you can do to help support native wildlife.

How to make a bird feeder  How to build a hedgehog home 

How to build an animal friendly log pile  How to build a bug hotel

Join the herd - Zebra stripes


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