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Junior Keeper Experience

The ideal experience for children who would like to try being a zoo keeper! This experience includes refreshments, lunch, and a presentation certificate as a memento of your day.

As a Junior keeper for the day you will helping our amazing keepers to take care of many of our animals. You will get your hand dirty and clean out sheep stables, then learn more about our two short, but sweet donkeys (yeah, they can kick, but we will take care of you). You can get stuck in with cleaning out our rabbits and guinea pigs, and you will certainly need to meet our goats – they are a funny bunch! Oh, and they are always hungry, so helping the keepers to feed them is an all-important job! You can also practice how to hold a rabbit and guinea pig safely. They might be common pets, but learning about them from a qualified zookeeper is not something you can do anywhere.

We have plenty other animals to see and learn about as well, some of them are much less well known – just ask your knowledgeable keeper friends what is a gundi or about tortoises named after pancakes.  You will also feed bearded dragons (yes, they are real dragons, just tiny!), and meet and feed the alpacas. Did you know that they live up to 5,000m high up in the mountains… and they do spit sometimes.

You can also meet one of the largest tortoise of the world, our Aldabra tortoises. Some of them are way older than your parents! If you think birds are boring, think again, as you will meet our bright pink flamingos and pelicans. They do live together, but have different lifestyles – you will hear about how they use the water to live on it, while you feed them with their favorite. Hope you don’t mind a bit of fish-smell, as this will make pelicans very happy.

You will leave full of fantastic experiences and probably with much less energy as you will truly live a zookeeper’s busy life for a day. I’m sure you will agree it is a life full of excitement and a bit of dirt.

Junior Keeper Experiences are available for up to 2 children and cost £135 each (£150 each from 1st January 2020). The experience includes Twycross Zoo admission per child and accompanying adult (one adult per child) and is available on Saturdays and Sundays during Term Time and Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays during school holidays.

To book please call our Bookings Team on 01827 883 140 or email

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