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Keeper for a Day

In line with government guidance around Covid-19, we have temporarily closed bookings for Keeper for a Day experiences until further notice

  • If you currently have a pre-existing booking, a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to re-arrange your booking. Please bear with us at this time and thank you for your patience.

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As part of you Keeper for the day experience you will get to meet some of our biggest and most majestic – and unfortunately most endangered – animals. You will have the chance to help out the keepers to take care of our critically endangered Eastern black rhino, and work around giraffes or zebras. Later you can learn about the world’s rarest big cat, the Amur leopard and the top predator of the Himalaya, the snow leopard. You will join animal keepers to feed some of our other carnivores, like our always-active bush dogs, our troop of meerkats (which is officially called a mob or gang) or our rarely seen yellow-throated martens. You can come up close to wallabies and help the keepers to feed them, while learning about these very special Australian mammals, who have babies sized like a jellybean. And, of course, you can’t miss our new, multi-million pound tiger exhibit either, and you can hear stories from the keepers about these fantastic and endangered animals.

To book please call in at Guest Services or telephone 01827 883140

However, zookeeper life is not all about watching and feeding! Our busy keepers need a hand with the dirty bit as well… You will help with the cleaning of some of the primate enclosures: sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, while you will be watched by many monkey eyes! Hope you will do a great job! Once the enclosures are cleaned its then time to give them their breakfast and checking on them all. Our primates come in all shapes and forms, from mouse sized pygmy marmosets to the biggest of gibbons, the siamang. But they share one trait: they are all very intelligent. It is therefore important for us to keep them busy and entertained and you certainly could join in! It may be hiding the food in the enclosure, it may be scattering it in their outside area or throwing it up on the roof to motivate them to climb, hang and jump. We want you to learn about their personalities, what excites them and how they make our zookeeper’s life full of fun (and sometimes a bit of chaos).

The biggest of primates – and our closest relatives – definitely can’t be missed. At the end of the day we are THE great ape zoo in the UK, the only place where you can meet all four of them: chimpanzees, orang-utans, bonobos and gorillas. You will meet an ape keeper and take a stroll through the zoo up to our amazing Chimp Eden building, the home of our two chimp groups. Maybe the most famous of all of our animals, they are nothing like you would imagine – noisy, funny, scary and super-intelligent. You will watch a group training session and hear from the keepers about how we train our apes for voluntary medical procedures. If you ever wondered how to train your dog (or your child?) solely in a positive way, these guys can teach you a few tricks! You will then go to our gorillas to view the family playing and socialising in the off show area whilst the keepers give the apes some of their favourite fruit tea and chat about our gorilla family. They are a really funny bunch and especially the two young boys love to mess around, while the adults try to enjoy some quiet food time. Oh, and if you are really lucky you can hear one of them signing or grumbling (it’s awesome)! The rarest of all apes in zoos is certainly the bonobos and the only place in the UK where you can see them is right here at Twycross Zoo. You not only can learn about their unique social structure (where the females are boss), but you will also help to feed one of our Bonobo groups. Just to make sure you don’t miss anything, you will head to the Orang-utan house to meet our family of Orang-utans and watch the babies playing.

The adult keeper experience is available on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Keeper for a Day experiences are available for up to 2 adults and costs £190 each (£195 each from 1st January 2020). This price includes zoo admission too.

Please note any accompanying family or friends will be charged normal entrance price and will not be allowed access to the zoo until normal opening time at 10.00am.

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