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Donations at Twycross Zoo

Help us to help them

The world may be coming to a stand-still, but we cannot stand-still.

Our animals need a safe home, nutritious food and veterinary medicine to survive.

We cannot do this without your generosity.

Support their future by donating to Twycross Zoo today.

What could your donations help with?

We are the only zoo in the UK to provide a safe haven for all four of the great apes, our closest relatives – gorillas, orang utans, chimpanzees and bonobos.

Your donation will help to conserve some of the most endangered species on the planet – through caring for our animals, feeding them and giving them essential veterinary treatment, we can protect them through these trying times.

Amazon Wish List

Have you ever visited the Zoo and thought “Why are there paper mache piñatas in the Primate House?” These items are called Enrichment. Enrichment increases our animals’ physical and mental activity levels and encourages natural behaviours such as foraging. Enrichment is also a great way to offer our animals choice and novelty by exciting their 5 senses. Now you can get involved too as we have our very own Amazon Wishlist account. Take a look at some of the items you can purchase that will then be donated to us to use as Enrichment for a huge variety of our animals.

Gift in Wills

Twycross Zoo provides support to animals facing extinction. Any gift you leave, small or large, will help provide crucial conservation and breeding programmes to various endangered species.

We understand that your family come first and that nothing is more important than caring for loved ones. Any gift that you are able to leave to Twycross Zoo has a huge impact – whether it covers the cost of a meal or the construction of a new home for our animals.

Your legacy could contribute to the survival of an entire species!

Supporting us through patronage

Patronage of Twycross Zoo East Midland Zoological Society is a unique opportunity to enable and support the vital conservation work we do.

As a registered charity we rely on likeminded supporters who realise the importance of our work on all of our futures, and our Patrons are key people who join us in supporting our mission to make a significant contribution to the global conservation of animals and to become a recognised centre of excellence for the conservation and welfare of our animals.