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We are here again and heartbroken that we find ourselves in such a difficult position once more… but we must do what it takes to beat this virus together.

We hoped sincerely a second lockdown would not come again, as we have made no secret that our beloved zoo has been fighting for survival since the spring lockdown which has already led to a £3.5 million dent in our finances. This November visits to the zoo were due to generate £300,000 of much needed income which we have now lost and we need your support to raise this total.

We are calling on you to believe in tomorrow by donating today.


A message from Twycross Zoo’s CEO

Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE

“Unfortunately Twycross Zoo is still not eligible to access the Zoo Animals Fund, as it seems that the fund has been put in place to assist the closure of small zoos or to tide over zoos that can run with only 12 weeks funds left in the bank.


Large zoos and charities cannot work like this and shouldn’t be expected to when they are caring for hundreds or even thousands of animals, many of whom are classed as endangered or critically-endangered species.


Twycross Zoo continues to call on our communities to support us in our Summer of Survival so we can thrive this summer and survive the quieter winter months, by visiting, buying memberships & adoptions or fundraising.


Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and visitors so far, they are helping us get through this crisis one step at a time. We hope with our current income and loans that our 57-year zoo survives this winter through to next season and to assist this we’ve sadly had to restructure our organisation, pause all improvements to the visitor experience and put a halt on developing our animal habitats. In the mean time we hope that the Government urgently reconsiders the criteria of the Zoo Animals Fund and protects the future of the large zoos that play the biggest role in conservation.”


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Pledges of support

Brian Blessed OBE

Actor, Writer and Television Presenter


Dame Judi Dench


“Twycross Zoo may soon close its gates for the last time, putting many of its animals at risk. We simply cannot let this happen!


For almost 60 years the Zoo has meant so much for so many in so many different ways. It is home to more species of monkeys and apes than any other zoo on earth. It carries out conservation in the UK and all over the world. As one of the UK’s ‘Science Zoos’, it is important for science and education.


After three months of closure with no income, but massive expenditure to feed and care for the animals, Twycross Zoo now faces a huge financial mountain to become viable once more.


How ironic if a charity dedicated to combating extinction, should itself become extinct. I am asking you now to get behind the Zoo’s fundraising campaign. Please help the Zoo and its animals survive, so that children and families can enjoy it for generations to come.”


Professor Alice Roberts

Academic, Writer and Broadcaster


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