As well as being a great day out Twycross Zoo is also a charity supporting animal conservation and environmental education. As a charity all the funds raised at the zoo are invested straight back into our mission of conserving endangered species and communicating the conservation message.

At the Zoo – Modern zoos play a vital role in conserving endangered species. Funds raised are focused into improving the welfare of all our animals through enclosure design and varying enrichment programmes. A large proportion of our animals are enrolled in captive breeding programmes in order to fight against the decline in numbers of many endangered species. As well as working to conserve endangered species our nature reserve is a vital resource in protecting local wildlife with 472 native species recently recorded in the reserve. Check out our Research pages to find out more about how we fund essential research at the zoo.

In the Wild – Twycross Zoo is committed to supporting conservation projects all over the world that work with animals in the native habitats. We specialise in conservation of the four great apes and details of our projects can be found on our Conservation pages.

Support Us

There are lots of different ways that you can support Twycross Zoo in our fundraising efforts. You can make a donation, attend one of our events or hold your own fundraising event or get sponsored to take on a challenge.

If your workplace is looking for a new charity support why not nominate Twycross Zoo as your new Charity of the Year?
For more information please get in touch at

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Opening Times: 10am - 6pm