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Vet procedure on diana monkey

A Happy Ending to De’arly’s ‘Tale’

Animal Achievement Award

February 2018
Winner: De’arly the Diana monkey
Nominated by: Phillipa Dobbs, Veterinary Associate at Twycross Zoo
For: Bravery whilst having bandages put on her tail without the need of sedation.


A Happy Ending to De’arly’s ‘Tale’

De’arly is a 15-year-old female Diana monkey. She was born at Newquay Zoo and transferred to Twycross Zoo with her sister Saba in November 2013. Together they were mixed with a male called Manu and De’arly gave birth to a son called Khari in April 2016.

A Diana monkey is a species of Guenon monkey well known for their long tails. These can easily become injured or pulled on by younger animals in a group. Unfortunately De’arly sustained minor wounds to her tail. Initially the wounds were managed with oral pain relief and antibiotics however despite this treatment they worsened and De’arly required surgery to amputate part of her tail.

Following surgery, the wound needed a bandage to ensure it was kept clean and dry. Bandages cannot be left on for more than 5 days therefore regular changes were needed. De’arly walked into a tunnel in her enclosure and into a crate to be transferred to the vet centre for these bandage changes. De’arly was extremely co-operative and allowed for her tail bandage to be changed without the need of anaesthesia, with food given as a reward instead. Bandage changes occurred every 5 days for 8 weeks.

De’arly’s final bandage has now been removed and her tail is looking back to full health.

We hope now we see another Diana monkey baby in Primate House soon!

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