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An Award for Woody is in Sight!

Animal Achievement Award

March 2018
Winner: Woody the Alpaca
Nominated by: Phillipa Dobbs, Veterinary Associate at Twycross Zoo
For: Wearing his protective contact lens to help heal his eye ulcer

An Award for Woody is in Sight!

Woody is an 8 year old male Alpaca, born at Twycross Zoo. He can be found with his four other Alpaca room mates in the Explorer Zone at Twycross.

Unfortunately Woody sustained an ulcer and damage to the surface of his left eye in late 2017. Initially the ulcer was managed with twice daily eye drops which involved keepers holding Woody to do this. Despite the ulcer healing within a couple of weeks it then recurred and required further intervention.

A specialist was consulted and Woody was anaesthetised so his eye could be assessed properly. During this procedure the ulcer was cleaned using a sterile cotton bud to try and help it heal fully. He then continued on twice daily eye drops and oral pain relief for four weeks. The ulcer healed well but the eye was significantly scarred and we were concerned about further damage occurring.

We contacted a specialist company who makes bandage contact lenses for small animals and horses. Woody’s eye was measured and we were able to order a suitable bandage lens for him.

In order for us to place the lens in Woody’s left eye, he was sedated. And it was in position for one week. It was hoped it would stay in for longer but unfortunately there was slight damage to the lens making it uncomfortable for Woody.

Woody’s eye has been normal for 6 weeks now and he is back to his normal playful self with the rest of the alpaca group.

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