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Bonobos pile on the PDA this Valentine’s Day

Known for their caring and affectionate nature, our troop of naturally loving bonobos have been celebrating World Bonobo Day and the ultimate day of love.

With a little help from their keepers, the endangered great apes swung in to a party that would be the envy of most humans. Filled with cardboard painted hearts, a giant Valentine’s Card, streamers, presents – there were lots of tasty vegetable treats hidden throughout too!

Rubani, Lucuma, Louisoko, Lina, Malaika, Likemba and Lola had a great time hanging out and partying the day away – love was definitely in the air!

Bonobos are renowned for being inquisitive, energetic and tend to resolve conflict with a lot of shouting followed by loving and reassuring hugs. Also, this was the first celebration of the year for the troop after welcoming a new born baby to the family, named Lola, after Lola ya Bonobo, a conservation charity based in the DRC, last Summer – but it won’t be the last! Cheka is expecting a baby later in the year, which is fantastic news for the whole species as bonobo numbers in the wild are sadly in rapid decline.

Enrichment increases our animals’ physical and mental activity levels, and encourages natural behaviours such as foraging. Enrichment is also a great way to offer our animals’ choice and novelty by exciting their five senses.

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