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Caggy is back on track with help from University of Nottingham

Animal Achievement Award

July 2018
Winner: Caggy, Black-And-White Ruffed lemur
Nominated by: Phillipa Dobbs, Veterinary Associate at Twycross Zoo

Caggy is a 12 year old male Black-And-White Ruffed lemur who lives at Twycross Zoo with female Twister. Since arriving at Twycross Zoo in March 2014, Caggy has fathered one litter of three offspring, all of which have gone on to form new breeding pairs as far as Canada!

In June 2017 Caggy suffered a seizure which was treated immediately and further investigations were carried out. He remained stable with no further seizures on medication until July this year when he was found by his keepers having a seizure in his outside habitat. A neurologist from University of Nottingham was consulted and the decision was made to perform further tests.

In July 2018 Caggy was taken to Dovecote Veterinary Hospital in Castle Donnington and an MRI was performed. The MRI showed no evidence of a brain issue therefore a sample of his cerebral spinal fluid was taken and analysed. This showed evidence of spinal cord inflammation but was otherwise normal. The decision was made to start him on two different types of medication to help manage the inflammation and the seizures.

Since starting on the medication Caggy has had no further seizures and has started to get back to his normal self. He will need to remain on medication for the rest of his life but the team have got him used to his daily medications with ease.

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